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Taleheart`s tale`s 7 (muokattu versio)

Pain was gone but still Eros felt like he had got run over by horse carriage. He heard sounds, somebody talked to another, he noticed that the first person was Astar, second sounded much older, maybe Astar`s father? He did`t know, Eros tried to move but pain started immediately, he sighed in pain and soon he heard Astar asking him, was he awake. Eros nodded shortly Astar sounded relieved, then he said something to the older person and he heard footsteps.

"Hello young mister, how are you feeling?" long, bronzed skinned, smiling man asked.

"I feel like I have been pushed under carriage", Eros admitted, man smiled.

"Well those wounds you got, they were pretty bad. especially one in your back, good thing you two got in here in time. But one thing to another, my name is Hanor- Geraldon De Midelwall, I`m Astar`s father and I am very grateful that you brought my son back home." Man said and smiled again, he looked much like Astar expect the fiery red hair and bronze- colored skin.

"Don`t mention it." Eros said

"Well, may I ask your whole name, I think I didn`t quite get it." Hanor asked

"My name is Eros, Eros Morningdawn, umm, may I ask you your honor, when I can get up?" Eros asked, for a moment Hanor looked like he was thinking something but soon after smile came back to his face and he laughed.

"I think you can get up in two or three days but now I have to flee because I have some things to do, have fun you two." Hanor said and fled.

"Well, that was quick, Astar..." Eros started but suddenly he felt two arms around his torso, He saw that Astar hugged him.

Eros was confused for a moment until Astar said that he should not do anything stupid ever again. Eros looked at Astar for a moment until he decided to hug back, for a moment they were like that until Astar pushed himself away and apologized and said that he had behaved so rapidly. Eros laughed a bit and said that he didn`t care, Astar`s reaction was normal.

"How long I was out?"

"Three days." Astar said.

"Th... Frick... That`s long, no wonder I feel hungry."

"I can get you food If you like to." Astar said, Eros nodded and soon Astar was gone.

"Soo, you are the new chuck ball I see."

Eros turned his head around and saw a stunning, blonde- haired girl who had amber eyes and well formed body. She had white scales on her cheeks and mighty, white horns on her head, she looked a lot like Milayn but she was more... Astar like. Girl walked out of the shadows and looked at Eros for a moment until she stretched out of her hand, Eros looked at it for a moment until girl shook it little annoyed, finally they shook hands.

"Mary- Ann De Midelwall, Astars so called little sister, we are twins but I`m ONLY two- fucking minutes younger." girl said.

"Okayy... Umm, nice to meet you, I`m Eros..."

"I know, I heard everything, you know your father was pretty known down here."


"Later about that, how`s my aunt is doing? Astar refused to tell me." Mary- Ann asked, Eros went confused for a minute until he told that she was doing okay.

"But what about my father?" Eros asked.

"It`s too delicate subject to talk right now, my father is still in the castle and I don`t want to upset him so let`s talk about it later lil boy, okay?"

"But anyway, thanks for bringing my bro back, he is worth it." Mary- Ann said and ruffled Eroses hair.

She walked away to the door, Eros looked at her for a second until he noticed he liked what he saw. Suddenly Mary- Ann turned around and looked at him, she watched him for a moment until smiled and said that even he was short and little thick but he was kind of handsome fella.

"I would love to bang you lil guy." Mary- Ann said and left the room, leaving Eros looking after her like some dump idiot.

To be conitnued...


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Taleheart`s tales part 6 (muokattu versio)

It`s been long time since I have been making this, well, I`m done with this part :D Well, see you on the next part (Ps. I have been making little changes to later parts of this story, not big but still some small improvements).

"Eros, Eros, EROS GET UP YOU IDIOT!" Eros heard Astar`s voice over his dream and felt kick, he cursed and sat up.

"What?! You could have shook me from shoulder..." Eros cursed.

"You didn`t woke up, I shook you like million times, now, come and start to pack the camp with me, we have a long journey to my homeland, long and extremely dangerous." Astar responded, Eros nodded shortly and started to pack up his things, 

They left just after the sunrise and they rode miles and miles until Astar started to smell smoke, burnt meat and blood. He warned Eros that battlefield could be a quite fierce scene, Eros nodded shortly and clenched his teeth, Astar sighed softly. Eros had probably never seen a battlefield and he was afraid that boy would loose his mind or become insane. Horse stopped, they started to become nervous, Astar tried to get his horse on move but it knew what was on ahead and it didn`t want to continue.

"We will go on foot, these fellas can go home on their own." Astar said and jumped down starting to remove saddle and the bridles.

Eros looked confused for a moment until he nodded and started to strip off the equipment. Later, after Astar had put a massage with horses and send them away, they started to walk towards the battlefield. Short after Eros seemed to smell the smoke too and he started to get nervous.

"Are you all right?"

"Definitely not, s- sorry, this smell just make me really, really nervous." Eros said and smiled nervously, at the same time he hugged himself, shivering.

"I understand, when I saw battlefield first time, I threw up, my father said it was okay, it is pretty horrible scene after all." Astar said, Eros smiled and laughed a little bit.

They saw something trough the woods, it seemed to be catapult, or what was left of it. Leafs were burned out of the trees, round turned muddy, blood smelled strongly, burning leftovers of weaponry could be seen from distance and some ghostly moaning of the dying soldiers echoed trough the woods. This was fresh part of the battlefield, not even a day old, Astar bite his lip, hopefully there wasn`t any enemies left.

Battlefield revealed in front of their eyes, it was muddy, brown- black field with half- eaten, pierced, cut, burned and crushed bodies. Somewhere they could hear some soldiers screaming for their friends for help or mourn for their loss, Eros covered his ears and said he would go in the woods for a moment, Astar nodded.

Moment later Eros returned, wiping his mouth, looking pale and sick. Astar asked If Eros would like to rest a little but he said that he didn`t want to stay in this place any longer than it was necessary, Astar said he understood. They started to walk trough the battlefield, he tried to look down as much as possible and avoided the looks of those who were still alive and begged for help, Astar grit his teeth, hopefully those miserable souls could survive trough the cold night and be saved by their own men or atleast die quickly as possible.

They started to reach the middle of the battlefield, Astar sighed, maybe this point of the fight was so quick they didn`t have time to do any more destruction, well If it was so, they had been lucky. Arrow flew right front of his nose, Astar pushed Eros on the ground and turned around, he saw about ten to twenty humans running right towards them. Astar took out his knife and Eros pulled out his sword, they attacked to men and started to fight against them.

Soon they noticed that they got outnumbered and they had to back up. Some team member laughed and said that they wouldn`t survive this in any ways possible. Astar turned to Eros and asked him to run, Eros said that he wouldn`t leave him but Astar said that he had a backup plan. Eros doubted for a moment until Astar pushed him away and ordered to run.

Eros nodded, he didn`t want to leave Astar by himself but he looked so confident that he trusted his word and ran. Eros crushed down his chasers and suddenly, he heard a massive roar, he turned around and faced huge dragon with black scales and yellow eyes. Men tried to ran away screaming like little children but soon they were eaten or beaten by that dragon.

Eros looked fight with mixed feelings, he felt thrill, fear, sadness and even anger. Soon men where down and after that, dragon collapsed on the battlefield and started to transform, he formed back to Astar and Eros ran at him. He noticed that his clothes were all torn, he had bad looking bruises in his body and he was very exhausted. Eros started to help Astar up when he noticed that one of the men were still alive.

"Wait up, I need a little chat with that guy", Eros said and put Astar on the ground, he was still so dizzy that he just nodded.

Man slipped around the mud, he had some deep wounds in his leg but he didn`t seem to care. Eros lifted the man up from his chest and looked him in the eyes in rage. Man laughed and asked with ironic voice if little man would like to take another round, Eros said that he didn`t have time something like that. 

"Who send you or are you just soldiers that were left behind?" Astar asked and looked at man, man snorted.

"Hah, we are elite soldiers who were send after you, we are not like those crummy shitholes that fight for `freedom and peace`", man laughed and grinned, Eros felt his anger growing.

"Who send you? King?" Eros asked.

"Who else, he wanted vengeance to that snails disgusting aunt because she blew up the whole castle." man said.

"And he decided that the best way to do that is attack on us?" Eros growled.

"How else, when Devinharl`s king hear that his beloved son got killed because his dear sister started to mess around with the king, he starts to fight with her instead and we can attack easier." Man said and Eros suddenly felt sting in his stomach, he pushed man`s hand away in shock and fell to his back.

Man fell to his knees but soon he pushed himself up, laughing and smiling. Eros stood to his knees, wondering how that man could still stand up with those legs when man suddenly answered himself, saying that he wasn`t ordinary person and so didn`t the others. Hand appeared on his throat and pulled him backwards. Eros felt something pinching his back and then he noticed the half eaten man keeping him still, with his one, remaining arm, another man stood up and took his ripped off torso from the ground, it united with his torso via some sticky slime.

"What are you?!" Eros screamed in anger ans tried to squirm out off the hold that kept him still.

"We... heheh... are those who your kind of people fear the most, we are your nightmares, daymares, childhood fears, phobias and things you cry about, we are those monsters who lure under your bed, behind your window, inside shadows and deep in the forests, we are, Scrads." Man said smiling.

"First, I thought you would be scary as hell but nah, your name blew it all up, I mean Scrads, that sounds like some awful disease in arse." Eros sighed, man looked pretty angry, other Scrads started to hiss.

"You filthy creature shall pay for th..." man started when suddenly his head was disconnected from his body.

Man`s body fell down and his head started to express curses, other two men was hit down as well and soon Eros was free. He noticed that Astar had got up, he said that they should probably just run. He grapped Eros by his arm and they started to run over the battlefield, Scrads started to crawl after them. They got in to the forest and Astar fell down to his knees

Eros helped him up and soon noticed that he was in massive pain, his face bathed in sweat and his back was covered in blood, also he had blood coming under his nails and from his eyes. Eros thought first that they should put up a camp and heal the wounds but Astar said no claiming that Deviharl wasn`t long way to ahead.He also said that these wounds couldn`t get healed by any regular herbs or bandages.

"Are you sure, I`m not sure that we ca..."

"We can... we have to... my sister... she needs her medicine and you can`t do... anything about these wounds." Astar said until he collapsed on Eros arms.

Eros decided that he should listen Astar, he lifted him up and started to carry him trough the forest. Soon he found a road and started to walk along it, finding a sing that showed him way. Walking along the road, Eros noticed pain in his stomach and back, maybe wounds he had wasn`t so small as he had first thought. Eros thought first that he should stop but then he saw city`s gates from distance and decided to walk to there.

Pain began growing, Eros noticed that his another leg started to go numb and he had to hobble, pain got even more intense and soon, it started to affect on his vision and balance. He noticed one, lonely gatekeeper and tried to get his attention, first it looked like the man hadn`t noticed him but soon he saw them and started to approach towards them with his spear revealed.

He saw who Eros had with him and soon he dropped his spear and started to help Eros by taking Astar from his hand. Guardian looked at him for a moment until he asked was he okay, Eros didn`t have time to answer, he felt his legs collapsing under his weight and felt hard gravel road hitting him on the face, he heard man shouting for help, then silence, sweet, sweet silence...

To be continued...


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Taleheart`s tales part 5 (muokattu versio)

First, sorry for my poor English, second, sorry this took so long :) I have had a pretty much going on, sorry about this, but here we are, enjoy if you can :3

Eros had woken up early, he put fresh clothes on him and watched deep, red scar on his chest, he still felt pain, but it wasn`t so bad. Eros turned around and walked out the door, he went to downstairs and greeted Astar who raised his hand gently and greeted back, he then turned his head to boy who just sat on the floor and drew on papers.

"Did she make you her babysitter?" Eros asked, Astar laughed a little bit.

"It seems so." Astar said.

"He is cute boy I have to say." Eros said and looked boy who now stared at him and looked pretty vexed, Astar smiled.

"Yeah, he is." Astar said, boy stood up and walked away, they both laughed a little bit.

"Well, I have to say goodbye to my grandmother, I`ll come after you." Eros said and Astar nodded quietly.

Eros looked around for a moment until he found his grandmother. They talked for a moment and finally they hugged gently each other, grandmother required Eros to be safe and watch over Astar, then they separated and Eros went to Astar, who looked him for a moment until he started to walk and Eros went after him.

"So your aunt left..."


"Is she a woman of her word?"

"She won`t destroy your village, I`m sure of it." Astar said.

"Well it`s more like a city but... what ever, where we are heading now?"

"In my homeland, don`t you remember? I have to take medicine to my sister." Astar asked, Eros nodded embarrassed, Astar smiled a little bit.

They went outside, two Milays men stand there and offered them a horses. Astar took brown one and Eros took black one, they thanked and men nodded. They started to move to the east, It was awkward silence for a moment until Astar started to chat. They talked for a moment until Eros turned the conversation into Astar`s brother, Dialogos

"Why he is like that? Your brother I mean?" He asked.

"He is always been like that, he is insane, nothing more." Astar mumbled and looked very irritated.

"You referred him as ugly abomination, why?" Eros asked silently, Astars face got emotionless.

"Because he is one, he killed my mother and was born all together... He also started the war." Astar said, Eros felt very uncomfortable.

"He started it? I thought..."

"That my father started it?? No, he never could do such a thing." Astar said.

"Why didn`t your father told everybody that your brother started the war?"

"He... he is just too kind, he should have killed him but, he just kept him alive and finally banished him..." Astar explained.

"Well, while you opened my mental wounds, it`s your turn to tell me why do you live with your grandmother?" Astar said, Eros felt sick.

"My parents died at the war when I was younger, mother was brutally slaughtered by some idiots and father died on the battlefield, grandmother took me to her after that..." Eros mumbled.

Astar nodded and they ride a long time without a word, finally they put up a camp and started to eat and wash up themselves. Eros went to sleep and Astar stayed on the fire patrol. He looked at the flames and thought about everything, his sister, father, aunt... his brother. 

Astar felt angry, he wanted to kill his brother and end this war, he wanted to see his dead body on his feet, he wanted to spill his blood and end everything. Astar woke up from his thoughts, what he was thinking? He sounded just like his brother, he wouldn`t be any better than him if he would kill him, no he would just give him the easy way out.

Astar turned his head to Eros, he slept quietly and peacefully. He just looked so innocent, Astar smiled, he was happy that he had met him. Eros was very delightful, brave and trustful person. Astar thought he was lucky when he met him at the first place. Astar smiled and decided to go to sleep too, he put magic on fire and went to sleep under the tree.


Eros was running down the hill, he heard noises of hooves and pretty evil kind of laughing, then he felt pain in his chest growing and it was hard to breathe. He screamed for help but nothing came out of his mouth, he tried again and again until something came out, he screamed as loud as he could.

Eros jumped up and felt his chest, pain pounded on his chest and he felt horrible. He was sweaty all way up and he was feeling feverish. Astar had woke up on his screaming and asked what was wrong? Eros said that he was okay, just had a bad dream, Astar nodded and continued his sleeping. Eros couldn`t sleep anymore so he went on fire and looked at it.

He felt horrible, he had almost died couple days ago and now he was wandering in woods, going on the battlefield that was between enemy and them and he was going with enemy`s royal son! Eros shook his head, what he was thinking? He had saved Astar and Astar had saved him, they were friends, not enemies, how he could even think something like that?

Eros felt out his scar, it felt soft and spongy, little dank, it reminded him about Astars brother. That girly- looking, little punk, Eros hated him, he was twisted and evil, he knew what he was but still he was unholy creature that just should die. Eros sighed, he had slept poorly, now he thought just so pointless thoughts. He went back to sleep, even not knowing what morning would bring to them.

To be continue...


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Taleheart`s tales 4 (muokattu versio)

I haven`t checked this because I`m in hurry, so don`t mind mistakes :3

Eros walked down the road, they had left three days ago and he had not slept very well after they left. Astar seemed very nervous and Eros didn`t understand why. Astar looked around him like something or somebody would attack them anytime soon, it looked funny but Eros knew he should`t laugh.

"Should we rest, I`m really exhausted." Eros said, Astar went silent until he said it probably would be good idea.

They put a camp and Eros fell asleep immediately, he saw a weird dream about his father, at least he thought it was his father, who ran trough battlefield towards a man who just lied there, unmoving. Scene changed suddenly when his father touched the man, he saw himself running down unknown hallway. He felt his heart racing like a maniac and his legs felt like they were burning, somewhere he heard woman screaming and he just kept running towards the voice.

He came to another hallway, he saw a woman lying on the floor in a puddle of blood, lifeless, upon her stood a person who had grey hair and yellow eyes. Person turned to him and smiled, she looked at him with sinister look and just casually turned around wielding a bloody knife in her hands. Eros realized he wasn`t able to move, he just screamed for help while tears running down his face, woman came closer and closer and just laughed.

Next thing Eros saw was that same woman but much older on horseback, woman stared at him, smiling and behind her was pack of horsemen in black armors. Woman leaned her head towards him and just smiled silently, nothing else, he felt terrible fear pounding in his chest. Eros woke up, Astar shook him in order to wake him up.

Eros tried to understand what was going on while Astar started to pull him with him, They started to run trough the forest, Eros heard galloping, he felt same aura when he saw that dream, was that girl and her men chasing them? Eros saw black, big horses running next to them, soon they got surrounded by them, Eros realized that they were trapped.

"Ohohooo, look who we got here, Astar my dear brother." Very low voice said and they looked up seeing the girl, or was she he, he wasn`t sure.

"Hello brother..." Astar said.

"Oh so he is really he and not she..." Eros muttered, man turned to him.

"Yes he is, he is a man." Astar said way too aggressively, Eros saw flames in his brothers eyes.

"You are just like your filthy mother, no respect at all..." Man muttered angrily.

"Why abomination like you deserves any respect, besides I do not knowledge you as my brother anymore Dialogos..." 

Dialogos got even more angry, Astar pulled his knife out and hit one horse with it then he puller Eros by his arm and started to drag him after him. Dialogos ordered his men after them, Eros heard horses running, their breathing, Dilogo`s frustrated shouting, Astar moved at forest like deer, he jumped over the branches, pulled out bushes, Eros just ran after, bumbing on the trees, hurting himself in sticks and branches. Soon they came at the old bridge, knight`s surrounded them, Dialogo`s laughed, he came near them and smiled.

"So, tired yet, I can help with that." Dialogos said calmly, he pulled out his sword and hit it towards Eros, Eros fell down, he felt massive pain on his chest, he wasn`t able move, it was horrible.

"You ugly abomination for a human!" Astar cursed he hit Dialogos horse with his knife.

Horse went crazy, it chuck Dialogos down and hit Astar with its hooves, Astar fell behind, he got dropped over the bridges railing, he fell in to the raging river. Diaologos cursed, he stood up and calmed down his horse, he came nearby Eros and looked him in the eyes smiling, Eros saw how his face got more masculine traits suddenly and he looked way more menacing than before. Dialogos stood up and looked over the railing, finally hi got back to horseback and said that they would be no harm anymore.

Dialogos and his men left, Eros stood up, pain was massive but he couldn`t think it now, he had to save Astar, nobody couldn`t swim in those waves. Eros looked around, he saw some black figure in waves, it was Astar he was unconscious, first Eros thought that he could swim after but when he realized what kind of dead jump it would be, he decided to run next tot he river and look for a better place.

Eros saw Astar`s body stuck between two rocks, he took his shirt off and ran in to the water, he felt blood flowing in to he water, he felt pain growing but he didn`t care, Eros ran at the Astar and  turned him around, he looked lifeless and pale. Eros dragged him on the land, he tried pulse, there was no such a thing, also he didn`t breathe, Eros decided to start resuscitation, Eros tried for a long time until Astar started to cough, he opened his eyes and sat up, he said that Eros breathe smelled like fish. Eros laughed a little bit and fell backwards, Astar looked Eros for a moment until he asked, Was Eros okay. Eros claimed to be okay but soon he realized what he was referring to and look at his chest, wound was deep and pretty bad, Eros felt dizzy and soon he fell unconscious.


First thing Eros saw when he woke up was Milayn`s face and chest, Eros jumped up and hit his head into something, he hold his head and moaned in pain, then he noticed his grandmother who looked pretty angry and worried. Eros tried to explain something, but soon his grandmother came at him and hugged him tightly, she said she was glad that Eros was okay.

"How`s Astar?" Eros asked.

"He is fine, how are you feeling?" Grandmother asked.

"I`m fine, chest pain is gone, how long I`ve been here?" Eros asked.

"Two days, Dialogos really made bad mark, you are going to have a pretty big scar on your chest for the rest of your life." Milayn said.

"Did anybody find out, who was behind it, destroying your business?" Eros asked, Milayn`s face changed, she looked furious.

"It was that foolish king... he had ordered Dialogos to destroy my business, I heard it from my servant." Milayn said in anger.

"well... what are you going to do next?" Eros asked.

"I think ill go and beat crap out of that idiot, nothing more." Milayn said.

"Are you sure you can do that?" Eros asked, Milayn nodded.

"His defense is weak right now, I can easily take him down." Milayn said.

"Be careful when you go, that city is our home." Grandmother said.

"Of course madam, I`m not interested in that tiny village, I just want destroy his castle." Milayn promised and smiled creepily.

Milayn left, grandmother looked after her for a moment until she turned around to Eros. Eros looked her grandmother closely, she had better hair than before, her face looked better too, she had beautiful dress on her and for a moment Eros just watched her. Grandmother looked at Eros and asked what he was looking at, Eros said that grandmother looked beautiful, grandmother blushed.

"well... thanks, Milayn showed me few tricks, she is a very nice lady." Grandmother said.

Eros stood up, he hugged his grandmother and then he asked, where Astar was, grandmother told him and Eros started to go there with help of servants. Soon he came to Astars room, he turned around, smiled and waved shortly, he looked little bit sad, on his shoulder was a hawk.

"It`s my father`s hawk, he wonders where I am, my sister needs her medicine soon." Astar said.

" you`re leaving.." Eros said.

"yeah, wanna come?" Astar asked.

"I- I thought..." Eros started.

"that I would leave you? If you want to stay then it`s okay."  Astar said.

"N- no I don`t." Eros said.

"Well, we leave leave tomorrow." Astar said, Eros nodded, Hawk flew away.

To be continued








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Taleheart`s tales 3 (muokattu versio)

Here is continue for the last time, here happens lot`s of things and we meet new character :3

Eros and Astar got outside of the Headless man`s alley, Astar put hoodie on and then they started to walk to the gates, they came at the gates and saw king`s men, they were those same men who had beaten them up yesterday. They asked something from Marthon who rolled his head and said something, Eros saw how couple of them stepped closer old man and seemed to threaten him. Eros grapped onto his swords handle but Astar stopped him and pointed out Marthons hands which pointed to the safe alley.

Both turned to the alley quietly and then started to run down it to the hidden door, they went in tot the forest and Eros saw how Marthon just casually threw drunken men to the forest with his vines. Eros laughed a little bit until he almost ran into Astar, he said something was wrong and continued to run. Eros looked him confused for a moment until he started to run after him.

Eros started to smell smoke, he stepped up and Astar started to shout after him, Eros saw flames trough woods and just ran even faster. Finally he saw burning house and next things he remembered was when Astar pulled him backwards from the flaming house and he passed out. Later he woke up from the grass, he sat up and just watched the carbonized ruins of his lifetime home.

Eros stood up, his legs shaked like noodles, he walked to the ruins and just stared the chimney and the charred bed of the house that only stood there silently. Finally he walked at the barn, all doors were open and he saw their horse running around the fields, pigs and cows were gods knows somewhere deep in the forests. Eros heard cursing, he saw Astar walking to him pretty gloomy face, paper in his hand.

"That fucking bitch! she always mixes into things that dosen`t belong to her!" Astar said suddenly and looked very, very angry.

"You know the person who did this?" Eros asked, Astar nodded silently.

"My aunt, she wanted our attention and this seemed to be only way to her... I am really sorry, she is just... Fucked up personality..." Astar said.

"Do they have my grandmother?" Eros asked, Astar nodded and said that they must have taken her earlier, other things happened later.

"Why did they do this, could they have just left some note on the door?!" Eros asked in anger.

"I would tell if I knew, have to say this is something new, usually she just really left note on the door and bur couple barns but now... I really don`t know what she was thinking..." Astar admitted, Eros watched him in silence.

"Damn it, I kill those guys when I meet them!" Eros screamed angrily, Astar just watched him.

"Well, you can try." Eros heard a voice

He something hitting on his neck, he fell down, Astar pulled his knife out and started to fight against big, strong looking men. He was good fighter but soon some man got him into his hold, he took some cloth and put it on Astar`s face, he fought for a moment and looked horrified until he became limp, Eros felt something on his face and soon he fell unconscious.


Eros woke up, he noticed he was in something moving, he looked around him, he was on horse carriage which had strong bars on it`s windows and pretty strong looking walls and roof. Eros looked on the other side of the carriage, he saw something dark on the corner until he realized it was Astar. Eros crawled to him and saw he looked pretty bad, Astar was more pale than normally, his skin was cold and he had trouble to breathe.

Eros smelled scent of Ravenflower and remembered that Astar couldn`t stand it, Eros looked at Astar`s belt bag, he had heard something about medicine that could help. He opened the bag and looked for a moment, finally he found little potion with some dark liquid in it, he opened the bottle and put liquid on Astar`s mouth.

Astar started to cough, paleness  disappeared and his breathing started to stabilize, skin got warmer, Astar opened his eyes, Eros put him down and soon Astar sat up. He shook for a moment until he leaned to the wall, he looked Eros for a moment until he thanked and said that Eros had saved his life. Eros nodded and handed over the bottle to Astar, Astar looked it for a moment until he put it on his belt bag.

"Where are we heading to?" Eros asked and tried to listen something else than just the wheels rumbling.

"To my Aunt`s castle." Astar said and looked pretty tired.

"She seems pretty dangerous person" Eros said.

"She is, she is merchant, she does everything to keep business running." Astar said.

"How we are related to it?" Eros asked.

"Something is wrong with her business and I think I was the closest relative to her castle."

"What the gods!? How I am sucked into this then?! Eros sighed.

"She probably has been following me for a while and thinks you are cute, also I think the problem is big enough that he needs two people.Otherwise she would have probably ordered her men to leave you somewhere knocked out and robbed." Astar explained.

"Can`t we just say no?" Eros asked.

"No, no we can`t once my uncle defied her and now he is under the ground." Astar said and looked away little bit, he seemed very sad.

"I am sorry to hear that." Eros said silently, Astar stayed quiet for the rest of the trip.

Cart stopped, they were forced out and dragged in to the castle, Eros looked around and saw that Astar`s aunt was rich, really, really rich. There was silk, gold, jewelry and all kind other  expensive things. Eros was impressed. they went inside and he saw beautiful women and handsome men all around them, they were probably butlers and harem members, he noticed the critical faces they made while looking at them.

Soon they came in big, no massive hall, there were loads of gold, diamonds and other fancy stuff, in the middle of it was throne made of big pillows and sofas. In the middle of it all, lied almost half- naked, gorgeous woman, who was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Astar hissed to Eros that he should put his mouth shut, he looked stupid, Eros saw that his jaw has dropped, he shut it down.

Woman laughed warmly, she smiled but her eyes didn`t, they looked dangerous. Woman had just white light dress and light chest armor, just... nothing else, Eros turned his head it was rude to look such a scantily dressed woman so... inappropriate.

Woman walked on them, she had same kind of pointy ears like Astar and long, white/blonde hair. Her body was like a vase, very slender waisted vase. Woman had same yellow eyes like Astar but she didn`t had scales on her cheeks or horns, she looked more like an elf.

"Oh, you have such a pretty boy with you, look at his eyes, like glacier, and that body, I think i`ll take him with me." Woman said and watched Eros smiling, she was way too close to him.

"Shut your mouth Milayn, tell us what do you want?" Astar said coldly and Milayn sighed dramatically, she walked on Astar and got very close to him.

"My dear little Astar, why can`t you call me your aunt dear and besides, don`t always be so suspicious..." Milayn said smiling, suddenly a cold glare raised to her face and she sniffed Astar few times until she stood up in rage.

"Which one you idiots used ravenflower extract? I said it at least 185 times, no ravenflower?! Are you idiots or  just fucking stupid people?" Milayn raged, Eros looked at Astar who seemed very uncomfortable, his face was full of mixed feelings.

"Oh I am very sorry, well on the business, I have your grandmother as you may know." Milayn said.

"We know, what do you want us to do?" Astar asked.

"You have to figured out who is preventing my trading to Taleheart, find it out and do something about it." Milayn said and turned around.

"It could be king" Eros said, Milayn turned at Eros and looked at him with cold eyes.

"king would NEVER do that, he knows what I am capable of, he would never resist me, NEVER!!!" Milayn raged and soon she turned back to smile and apologized her behavior.

"First you promise you wont harm his grandmother" Astar said.

"I can keep that promise easily, she is just a wonderful lady." Milayn said.

"And second you will fix their house and catch their animals because those idiots burned it down and let the animals free." Astar continued, Milayn turned to her men, she looked furious.

"Have you questioned my authority again? I said, no violence or pointless vandalism, do you have any idea how much this costs me?! Gods, I just asked you to burn some old barns along the way! Ugh, I just can`t understand how stupid you people are!!" Milayn shouted and looked his men in rage

After  she calmed down a little bit, she ordered her old crew to take new ones in to the chambers to "learn their lesson", soon those hunks that had stood behind them were gone and Milayn turned to them apologizing for their actions asking would they still take her quest.

"I think we don`t have any other choice." Eros said and looked at Astar who sighed submissively.

Milayn smiled, now smile reached her eyes, she suggested that Eros and Astar should eat and rest before they started Eros smiled a little bit, food sounded just now the greatest thing ever. Soon after Milayn`s servant`s lead them to spa, where they were cleaned and dressed.

After the bath Eros started to dress himself up, on the halfway of dressing he decided to ask something from Astar. He turned around to his friend but instead of saying something he just stared at his back and just... just stared. Astars back was full of scars, not any small scars, long, wide, red scars that looked very painful, Astar saw him staring and pulled shirt on him very quickly and just walked out of the room.

Eros looked after him and after that he put his shirt on and noticed it was little too tight for him like his trouses making his muscles visible. Eros put his cleaned up jacket on and walked out of the room, Astar`s clothing seemed normal and Astar noticed difference too, laughing a little bit, saying his aunt was from the weird side when it came to these things. Eros asked more comfortable trousers from butlers and after little begging they listened to him, little morose looks on their faces, finally they were led to the dining room.

Eros saw her grandmother chatting with Milayn, grandmother turned around and Eros walked to him,they hugged for a long time until they sat down and started to talk to each other. Eros noticed that Milayn had put something more appropriate on her, it was golden white dress which had very open neckline and deep cut on it`s side. Milayn looked at him little disappointed until they start to eat.

After a while Eros saw a handsome looking man coming into the room with a small boy in his arms, man sat next to Milayn and they kissed, Eros noticed immediately change in Astars face, he looked pretty surprised and doubtful. Boy sat on Milayn`s lap and just sat there, drawing on papers that man had brought to him chewing a piece of bread at the same time. 

Eros noticed that he just watched the boy, he had white-/blonde hair like his mother did and very deep amber eyes like his father did. His skin was mildly tanned and he had a body that looked way too fragile for a little boy like him, he looked just like a person who could shatter in any moment. Boy suddenly raised his head and looked at him, they just stared each other for a moment until he got off from his mothers lap and just walked over them. 

Boy just stared at him and suddenly he sat on his lap, Milayn looked very surprised but happy and so did his husband, boy just sat there for a good fifteen minutes until he seemed to get bore and got back to his mother. Milayn said something quietly to his son and he replied as quietly as she had. Eros noticed that he just watched and smiled to the scene.

To be continued...