Möii, tässä on seuraava luukku teille pikku pörröpallot :3

tämä novelli (niinkuin kaikki tulevatkin tässä kalenterissa), aion kirjoittaa englanniksi sillä muuten tulee liikaa työtä, pahoittelen, kaiken muun aion kyllä vetää molemmilla kielillä :)

Okei seuraava ei saata olla ihan pienimmille sisällön takia ja eikä myöskään niille jotka ottavat joulupukin ihan tosissaan.

Okay warning, this might not be for those who take santa too seriously or for the children because due of the content, also there might be mistakes in the language.

It was silent night, sky was open, stars shined brightly, only one person where out, he was long, skinny man who just didn`t have any direct, he just walked around, thinking and wondering, where he got wrong, at the beginning he had all, lovely wife, beautiful kids, warm home and food, now he had only himself, wife had left, children died of illness, jarl took his home, finally he just walked away and started to wonder around, he kept continue until he had walked 1000 years.

Man suddenly stopped, he turned his face in to the sky and saw shooting star, he sighed, why he was so interested about it? It was just piece of sand burning in atmosphere, it wasn`t worth of watching. man turned around and kept walking, suddenly he started to hear wheezing noise, it came from the sky, man looked up again, shooting star came towards him, man cursed and jumped on the snow , he felt heat on his bag and then he heared crashing sound, he stood up and watched at the woods.

Forest was on fire, there was a big hole in the woods, man looked at it for a moment until he started to run in to the woods, he didn`t know why but he felt there was something. in the end of the dragging line was a very weird scene, there was colorful packages all over the snow, copule little men lied int he snow, covered in blood, coughing and in the middle of it, there was big, red sleigh that was on fire, there he heared somebody asking for help.

Man runned at the sleigh, he saw a hand under the sleigh, it was moving, looking for something to help him, man grabbed on the hand and started to pull person out, soon there came out chubby old man with beard and red clothes, he was badly injured but was alive, man took this man away from the sleigh and set him against the tree, then he started to take care of his wounds with healing magic, soon man was recovered.

"where is Shine and Tinkle?" man asked, he looked worried.

"u mean those little guys, I will take care of them, just sit down and relax" man said and walked at the Shine and Tinkle.

They looked bad, they had awful- looking wounds and another seemed to have broken arm, man knelt down and started to recover them too, soon they were healed too, after that man started to put up fire little further soon he brought men on to the fire, and let them warm up.

He looked men closer, the were dressed weirdly. this bearded man was dressed all the way up in red, he had red pants, red jacket and red, long- tailed hat, he also had brown long shoes and glasses that were broken, little men were dressed in red, green and white, their shoes were red, pants were green, they had red, short- sleeved hoodies and long sleeved, red- white striped sweaters, another little man had blonde, curly hair and another had black, short hair, both had pointy ears.

"thank you for helping us" old man said and gave very warm smile.

"it`s nothing, I just happened passing buy mister..."

"Claus Santa"

"Santie... huh, I`ve heard about you, you take gift`s to children right..."

"that`s right Segratus"

"how did you..."

" I know everybodys name, Segratus, I know everything about everyone" Santa said.

"that`s.... creepy" 

"lot of people says that" Santa said and smiled warmly again.

"thing to another, what happened to you?" Segratus asked.

"well, I`m not sure, we were flying on the sky when suddenly reindeers got off, we started to fall off and next thing I remembered was the fact that we were on the ground" 

"okay, what you are going to do nex?" Segratus asked.

"well I think we have to find our reindeers and put everything together" Santa said.

"how you are going to make that?" Segratus asked, Santa smiled and said that he would see it pretty soon.

After an hour, Santa thanked Segratus for help and stood up, Elf`s came after him and Segratus decided to come with them, he put hte fire down and walked on the square, Santa put his hands up and suddenly everything started to move, fire in sleigh died and it turned normal, packages came back on the woods and soon everytihng looked jolly and bright.

"wowie, are you wizard too?"

"ho ho, no, it`s just magic of the christmas" Santa laughed, then he put two fingers on his mouth and whistled, nothing happened.

"huh, weird, usually my reindeers come immediately" Santa said and scratched his head.

"maybe they are just late?" Segratus suggested.

"they are never late, something is wrong" Blonde elf said and rubbed his jaw.

"you might be right Shine" Santa said.

"wait, can I ask something" Segratus interrupted.

"go on my son" Santa said.

"why names Tinkle and Shine, it sound little... weird"

"don`t blame us, our mother gave those names" Tinkle muttered.

"you are brothers or somethin?"

"where did you figured that out?" Shine asked.

"well... your brother said `our` mother" Segratus said.

"ouuuuu, well, we are twins to be exact" Shine said.


They soon started to figure out where reindeers had gone, Shine started to look at it in on the computer and soon he shouted to them and asked the to look, they walked on him and Shine showed to them place where he tought reindeers would be, they looked monitor for a moment until Santa decided they should go to there

Segratus looked monitor for a moment until he asked how they could go there, Santa snapped his fingers and soon sleigh turned in to a rocket looking thing, Segratus looked at it for a moment until he asked, why they didn`t use it Santa said that he could use it instead but reindeers were faster and more reliable, Segratus nodded and they stepped in.

Shine and Tinkle sat bench on the edges, Santa sat on the middle, Segratus looked place for a while until he sat bench behind, Santa and elf`s put earphones and sunglasses, Segratus looked them for a moment until Santa threw him glasses too and said thaht he could became blind if he didn`t had them on, Segratus nodded, put them on and they flew on the sky.

Stars were shining brightly, the whole rocket filled with light, Segratus felt tears running down his cheeks, soon everything stopped and they took glasses off, Segratus wiped his eyes and cursed a little, finally Santa turned around him and smiled, he said it would be over soon, Segratus sighed and said thaht sounded ominous, Santa laughed and apologized, then he said that flight would take for a while, Segratus nodded and said he would take a nap, Santa nodded.

Segratus woke up later, he saw that only Santa was driving, he walked at him and greeted, Santa smiled and asked him to sit down, Segratus looked two little chairs for a while until santa laughed softly and turned another chair bigger, Segratus sat on it and just watched black night sky and earth that was under them.

"Siny and Fabulous are sleepin` " Segratus asked, Santa smiled and nodded.

"I have been looking for you a while" Santa said suddenly.


"because your son asked" Santa said.

"my children`s are all dead" Segratus muttered.

"I know but it doesn`t mean that they are gone for ever, I visited on them one day, they asked me to gave this" Santa said and handed out a little present.

Segratus looked at it for a while, it was wrapped in brown paper and around it had golden string, there was something written with poor handwriting, Segratus looked at it for a while until he opened the package, inside was a crappy looking clayman, Segratus smiled, his son used to make those and give them when it was Christmas.

"they were afaird that you have lost your happiness in life"  Santa said.

"oh, well thanks for them when you have time" Segratus said.

"you should find something to enjoy, if you keep going like that, you just going to be lifeless, wondering ghost, that almost happened to me" Santa said.

"huh, really?"

"yup, I lost everything when I was very young, then I just started to wonder around, I had nothing inside me until I found out many sad childrens who did not had any joy in their life so I decided to give them something, then I noticed how happy they became and I realized I liked it, making people happy, then I started to do this, found my wife and took elfs to work with me"

"so your saying I should do something like that?"

"yes, do something you like 100%, do something that makes you happy, don`t lay down and think that you don`t have value or meaning anymore, It`s just bad for you" Santa said and smiled.

They were silent for a while until they heared little beep, Santa looked down and said thaht they were soon at the place, Santa asked Segratus to wake up Shine and Tinkle, he walked at the end of the rocket and saw both sleeping in comfy- looking bed, side by side, arms around each other, it was cute.

"`ey, rise `nd shine you two, there is a lot things to do" Segratus said and both woke up, they rubbed their eyes until they went to santa, Segratus went back to his place and soon they started to land, not even knowing, what was going on.

To be continued...