Swearing and confessions >:3

"come out now, I really need to get there"

"nah, you humiliated me already twice"

"come on, it was a crappy joke, I wont do it anymore"

"you promise that?"

"yes yes yes, just let me in!"

"maybe... I need to be sure"

"okay then"

One upon a time there was a two guys, another was a crappy writer and another was an idiot. One day the other guy, that idiot I mean, made writer angry, writer locked in to the bathroom and didn`t let the idiot in, so idiot started to make this story out of his head and so it all started.

Idiot sat in front of the door and thinked what he was going to say whitout making the writer even more angrier so the idiot started to tell writer how much he liked him and how much he appreciated his imagination and skill to tell good and very optional stories. Idiot also told to writer how jealous he was to him when he couldn`t make so beautiful and out of the bos stories like writer did..

He also told too writer how he would like to become such a rich in ideas like he was, and he also told the writer that he loved him like his own brother wich he didn`t had but hoped he had, aaannnd he also told him that he would apologize things he had said and he would spent christmas with him without fight

"u real?"

"yes I am"

"I mean for real real, no shittin?"

"no shittin, come on, now I have to go bathroom"  

"okay asshole, love you"

"love u too, merry christmas"

"merry fuckin christmas dude"