Christmas facts about Finland :D

We celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve not in Christmas day.

In our Christmas table we have many kind of foods: rutabaga casserole , carrot casserole, lipeäkala, rosolli, ham also we usually eat Karelia paste and egg salad, in the morning we eat rice porridge almond hidden with it (some lucky one will find it and then he or she can wish something) also we have gingerbread and joulutorttu.

We usually open presents in the evening

Christams day is normal day for us

we usually go to christmas sauna (it`s very old tradition in finland)

In Turku, there is always joulurauhan julistus at 12 in Christmas eve.

After Christmas in 13th January there is Nuutinpäivä, then Joulurauha ends and Nuuttipukki takes Christmas away.

There is also saying: Tulis joulu niin saisi yölläkin syödä, that is old saying, in the old days, people left foods on the table over night that they could eat Christmas goodies trough night, I think people don`t do that anymore, I don`t know :3

well there is some things, tell us about your country`s traditions or tell me more about Finland`s traditions because I can`t remember all of them :) (even I`m Finnish)