Part 2 comicng, sorry I havent cheked it because I`ve been pretty busy with this so don`t mind mistakes :) warning cursing

They landed on wide tundra, Santa said thaht they were on the spot but then he started to think it looked suspicious, suddenly ground statred to move and they went quickly out, earth swallowed rocket they looked at it for a moment until Tinkle went to the edge, he said that at least they found the place, Segratus and others came after him and saw big cave with cables and other modern stuff.

Santa took something out of his belt, it was Throwing hook, Santa ordered them to back up nad then he started to swing the hook, he released it and it was drawn into a pipe nearby, he tried hook for a moment until he said that it was safe, he waved himself on it and started to slide down with thick scarf, wherever he recieved that, soon Shine and Tinkle went after him and Segratus decided to go too, soon they were down and segratus heared something, painful moan.

Segratus turned around and saw somebody lying on the floor, under big bar, Segratus turned around and went to him. Person looked badly injured but he was conscious, Segratus moved bar away with his magic, he dragged man off and started to hela him, Santa and elfs came to them and watched them for a moment.

"weird, I don`t know him" Santa said and rubbed his jaw, he looked pretty suprised about it.

Man woke up, he coughed for a moment until he opened his eyes, he looked Segratus for a moment until he turned his head to Santa and elf`s he jumped up and backed, he looked scared and angry at the same time, he shaked, Segratus closed up to him but he just backed up.

"easy, easy, we don`t want to hurt you" Segratus said with calm voice, man stopped and looked at them.

"then why you are with them?" man asked.

"what`s wrong with us?" Tinkle asked and stepped forward, man backed and alomst fell on the edge, Segratus grabbed him and pulled him up.

"calm down Tinkle, so, son, why do you scare us?" Santa saked, man was silent for a moment until he said.

"because you ruined our lives" man said coldly.

"what do you mean?" Santa asked, he looked suprised.

"you made us disappear" man continued, then he took hoodie out of his head, he had small horns and curly hair.

"what are you?" Tinkle asked.

"faun..." man said, he sounded annoyed.

They looked man for a moment, they had heared fauns but never they had seen a one, now there was one and he hated them, they looked each others for a while until Faun said taht they should come after him or he would use harder ways, Segratus said it wouldn`t work, he pulled out a weapon from his pocket.

"phew, you look smarter than I tought" faun mumbled and started to lead them on their way.

Soon they came in bigger room and first they saw reindeers, they tried to came them but they were chained in wall, faun said them to move along, he said that they should negotiate with the main brain, before thath they didn`t had any issue to go there, they turned around and went after faun, soon they came even bigger cave and there they met long, skinny, red haired man who had scales on his face.

"well, well, well, who bothered to show up, good job Airus" man said and smiled, faun looked little ervous.

"oh, I see, well, I wont negotiate until you release him" man said and Segratus therw weapon away.

"all weapons" man said, Segratus were confused for a moment until he turned around and saw the others therwing weapons away.

"good, now we can talk"

"what do you want?"

"you to shut up and you to disappear forever" man said coldly and pointed out Santa.

Santa looked man for a moment, until he aslked, why he wanted him to do something like that, man was silent for a moment until he asid tht because of him they had to move away underground, Santa asked why did they had to do it and man said that when people stopped belive on them, they started to die, only safe place was underground, he also said that because of Santa it happened.

Santa asked wouldn`t they find another solution and man laughed, he said tasht they had tried many ways but finally htey had found out thaht the only reason fot their problems were Santa, they were quiet until Santa nodded and said that he would stay.

"you can`t just give up that easily!" Tinkle said.

"childrens can wait one christmas" Santa said and went with two guys.

"even you don`t beieve that!" Tinkle shouted after him.

"lead them out Airus, we don`t need them"

Airus took out a gun from the floor and started to lead them out, he left them on the door and said to them that they should leave immediately, Shine asked why he didn`t come out, Airus laughed and asked were Shine deaf, Tinkle looked at him for a moment until he suddenly opend the door, grabbed Airus out of his hand and threw him out.

"two things I hate, when my brother is abused and when my boss is in trouble, If you want to keep yourself alive, you tell us what they are going to do" Tinkle said and kept Airus on the ground.

"You deaf too? Boss said in plain english that they are making him disappear you idiot" Airus said, he started to coughing heavily until he started to spit blood, Segratus said thaht Tinkle should stop but Tinkle said thaht he didn`t stop until he knew where his boss were.

"so where they are taking my boss"

"deeper... in the underground" Airus said and passed out, Segratus took him in and started to heal him.

"thaht was pretty rude even from you T" Shine said.

"sorry but sometimes you need to use hard ways to get what you want" Tinkle said, Airus started to woke up, Segratus helped him up and asked how he was.

"keep that away from me and I`ll be just fine" Airus cursed and looked Tinkle murderous.

"okay, tell us how we get in there" Tinkle said.

"like I would"

"wanna try again?"

"okay then" Airus said and started to lead them.

They walked long way down, Airus seemed pretty humble, maybe because he just had been defeated by elf, they went long way down until they went so deep it started to get pretty hot, soon Airus stopped and let them in in prison department, he lead them to right door and there santa were.

"oh, you came already" Santa said.

"we couldn`t leave you" Shine said, Segratus opened the door with magic.

Santa came out and sae Airus, he looked at him for a moment until he nodded and thanked him too, Airus shrugged his shoulders and muttered something. Soon they came back to upstairs and faced the skinny man, he looked them for a moment until he turned his eyes to Airus.

"I tought I could trust you" he said in degradable voice, then he ordered his men to attack on them.

"no!" Airus shouted but it was too late, men attacked and they had to fight.

Fight were hard but soon they defeated men, skinny man looked them in rage until he attacked himself, Santa tried to fight against him byt soon he needed others help, suddenly man turned into a dragon and he started to fight furiously, he seemed really want to kill them.

Airus took the safety, Segratus asked why man wanted to kill them so badly, Airus said thaht he wanted to back on the surface because he had wife in there, they looked each others for a while until Segratus said that there had to be another way, suddenly problem solved itself in a bad way.

Roof started to creak and room started to shake, they looked up and saw their rocket coming down, dragon rised his head and soon it fallen under the weight of the rocket, Airus ranned at the dragon who turned back to man, others came after him and Santa snapped his fingers, rocket turned into a sleigh and then they started to push it off to man.

"Master? Master!" Airus said and dragged man out, he seemed to be alive but he was in pretty bad condition.

"let me to him" Segratus said and started to heal man, he started to spit blood until he opened his eyes.

"oh gods I was so worried" Airus said ans hugged his Master happily.

"w- what happend?" man asked and hold his head.

"nothing special, just rest a little bit and soon everything is all right"

"you sound scary" man laughed nad then he fall asleep.

"so... what now?" Shine asked.

"we need to get work, after that we need to come back and settel this with cup of tee, If he remembers nothing" Santa said.

"I can guarantee that" Segratus said.

"you are staying here?"

"where else, I think I`m needed here" Segratus said and looked Airus, Santa nodded.

Santa, Shine and Tinkle took their reindeers, they left and Segratus stayed with Airus and man, he started to help them out and as time passes, he started to help others too, Santa and man (whos name is Daion btw) talked about the situation and they made conclusion, everything went good and happy ever after. 


"Ummm... that was odd story, It didn`t had good plot and end was too short"

"make yourself better!"

"well, my 5- year old brother can made up better stories than you" 

"phew, I dont believe it before I see it..."

"here, I can show you"

"lemmesee... better storyes phah... Once upon a time blaa blaa blaa... FUUUCCKKKKKK THIS SHIT, IMMOUT!"

" It was a joke, I wrote those!"


"and those supposed to be gnomes, no elf`s y..."


"Sorry dude"