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"come on, come out"


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"because it`s pretty hard to think when you are such an asshole"

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Silent night

It was pretty lovely night, degrees were on the 30, frost bite cheeks,  the snow crunches beneath legs, boy walked on the snow and looked up, he saw thousands of shining stars in the prussian blue sky, they looked like smiling eyes, boy smiled wiedly until he started to go on, he was nearby home and he needed to go there before mom lighted up candles, he loved that.

Little lights came through forest, boy rushed his steps, soon he would be inside in warm cottage. Small house looked nice and friendly, it red walls were covered with frost, on the roof was pure white snow. On the yard were big briches that had heavy snow on them, wide moon turned everything in pure silver, it was stunning. 

Boy stood for a while on the yard until he went inside. Gentle warm greeted him and took him under his blanket. Boy took of his wet shoes and jacket, he had run at the forest whole day, now he was very tired, and he wanted to just sit down on the warm sofa nad just watch when others prepared christmas.

He watched when his mother lighted up candles. Light danced against dark window and boy tought they looked like fairies from those, big, beautiful storybooks that were on the bookshell. He started to imagine giggling fairies dancing on the snow, playing with it and making clothes out of them, then he started to imagine them dancing around big, lighted up tree.

Boy imagined more creatures coming out of the forest, gnomes, pixies, elfs, fauns, trolls and unicorns, they all started to dance around the tree, soon mooses, bears, lynxes and squirrels came out, they were in peace together. Suddenly boy heared rustling, he stood up and saw his father bringing colorful packages in, he went down to sofa nad walked to his father and looked him in admire, father smiled and  said that they were for the evening.

Boy looked when father put presents under the tree wich was decorated with delicate glass globes, paperstrings,  little glitter and big star. Floors were washed all the way up and they smelled like heather, on the walls were beautiful birchbark decorations that dad and mom had made the whole year and on the table were tuomaan risti, it had been inheirted in family for ages and boy loved it, it was very, very beautiful.

Night came and boy sang songs with his family, big sister had came from the village and now she sang with them, she had angel- like voice, they sang for a while until they went to christmas sauna, they left foods on the table for the house gnome, so he would taste them before them, boy wanted to see it but daddy said that he can`t bother house gnome, it would bring bad luck for them.

they went to christmas sauna, their hired man and their servan girl came too. Later they came out of sauna refreshed and clean, their cows and two horses were feeded, brushed and their barn were cleaned uo all the way up day before, it smelled now fresh tree and new straw.

They came in and started to eat, then boy played with his father and hired man, then he playde with servan girl and finally he sat on his mothers lap and they started to play all kind of games. Soon they started to open up presents, boy loved the smell of the wrapper and wax that they were sield up. Boy got, straw doll with cute smile, clothes for it, a sled and pair of new trouses and very handsome collarshit for church. Boy started to feel tired, he went to his mother lap and put his head on her chest, he closed his eyes and started to sleep, he had one great christmas again.

"AAARGGHHHH, that was way more better than mine"


"I bock in to the bathroom and I`ll never came out, neveerrrrr!!!"