Pain was gone but still Eros felt like he had got run over by horse carriage. He heard sounds, somebody talked to another, he noticed that the first person was Astar, second sounded much older, maybe Astar`s father? He did`t know, Eros tried to move but pain started immediately, he sighed in pain and soon he heard Astar asking him, was he awake. Eros nodded shortly Astar sounded relieved, then he said something to the older person and he heard footsteps.

"Hello young mister, how are you feeling?" long, bronzed skinned, smiling man asked.

"I feel like I have been pushed under carriage", Eros admitted, man smiled.

"Well those wounds you got, they were pretty bad. especially one in your back, good thing you two got in here in time. But one thing to another, my name is Hanor- Geraldon De Midelwall, I`m Astar`s father and I am very grateful that you brought my son back home." Man said and smiled again, he looked much like Astar expect the fiery red hair and bronze- colored skin.

"Don`t mention it." Eros said

"Well, may I ask your whole name, I think I didn`t quite get it." Hanor asked

"My name is Eros, Eros Morningdawn, umm, may I ask you your honor, when I can get up?" Eros asked, for a moment Hanor looked like he was thinking something but soon after smile came back to his face and he laughed.

"I think you can get up in two or three days but now I have to flee because I have some things to do, have fun you two." Hanor said and fled.

"Well, that was quick, Astar..." Eros started but suddenly he felt two arms around his torso, He saw that Astar hugged him.

Eros was confused for a moment until Astar said that he should not do anything stupid ever again. Eros looked at Astar for a moment until he decided to hug back, for a moment they were like that until Astar pushed himself away and apologized and said that he had behaved so rapidly. Eros laughed a bit and said that he didn`t care, Astar`s reaction was normal.

"How long I was out?"

"Three days." Astar said.

"Th... Frick... That`s long, no wonder I feel hungry."

"I can get you food If you like to." Astar said, Eros nodded and soon Astar was gone.

"Soo, you are the new chuck ball I see."

Eros turned his head around and saw a stunning, blonde- haired girl who had amber eyes and well formed body. She had white scales on her cheeks and mighty, white horns on her head, she looked a lot like Milayn but she was more... Astar like. Girl walked out of the shadows and looked at Eros for a moment until she stretched out of her hand, Eros looked at it for a moment until girl shook it little annoyed, finally they shook hands.

"Mary- Ann De Midelwall, Astars so called little sister, we are twins but I`m ONLY two- fucking minutes younger." girl said.

"Okayy... Umm, nice to meet you, I`m Eros..."

"I know, I heard everything, you know your father was pretty known down here."


"Later about that, how`s my aunt is doing? Astar refused to tell me." Mary- Ann asked, Eros went confused for a minute until he told that she was doing okay.

"But what about my father?" Eros asked.

"It`s too delicate subject to talk right now, my father is still in the castle and I don`t want to upset him so let`s talk about it later lil boy, okay?"

"But anyway, thanks for bringing my bro back, he is worth it." Mary- Ann said and ruffled Eroses hair.

She walked away to the door, Eros looked at her for a second until he noticed he liked what he saw. Suddenly Mary- Ann turned around and looked at him, she watched him for a moment until smiled and said that even he was short and little thick but he was kind of handsome fella.

"I would love to bang you lil guy." Mary- Ann said and left the room, leaving Eros looking after her like some dump idiot.

To be conitnued...