Hello, this series is going to be in English because I need practice my English and also there might be readers who don`t understand Finnish and anyway I want do something new, this is little bit "traditional" fantasy story, with magic, weird creatures and of course a big war, so sit down, enjoy and read :)

Warning, lot of mistakes, violence and other stuff.

Eros swinged his sword and hit it on the tree, tree finally cracked and fell down, Eros sighed, he had practiced whole day and now he was hungry and tired.He walked on the house, washed his face before stepped in and then he started to make food, his grandmother was on the city and she should come back later, soon food was ready. Eros ate and then he put rest of the soup on the kettle and put kettle on the hot coals that it would be warm when grandmother came back.

Eros sat on the bench nearby table, he had lost his parents when he was young, he had lived since then with his grandmother, who was strict but kind.She was like guardian angel to him, she took care of him, listened when he had problems and she always told the truth. In return, Eros kept house warm, made food, cleaned the house, listened grandmother and took care of the animals they had.

"Eros are you in here? I`m back" Eros heard grandmothers voice behind the door.

Eros opened the door and grandmother came in hands full of groceries, she put them on the table and started to put them on the pantry with Eros help. Grandmother thanked and then Eros gave her soup, bread and some fresh milk, grandmother started to eat and later she started to talk about her day with Eros.

"Oh before I forget, could you take our savings in to the safe place." grandmother said and started to pick her pockets, her face started to change to calm to worried.

"What is it grandma? Did you forgot the purse on the grocery store?" Eros asked and grandmother nodded.

"Oh my, I am really getting old, could you get it dear?" grandmother asked and Eros nodded, he took his sword and went out, he started to run towards the city, grocery would close in two hours, he would make it if he used shortcut through forest.

Eros ran down the muddy road, he looked on the sky, it would start rain soon Eros decided to hurry, he didn`t want to get wet. He turned on the little road which would take him in to the city faster, trees also would keep him little dryer, first drops hit the ground and soon heavy rain started to smack the road and forest like hammer. Eros started to run little faster, city road would come across soon.

Suddenly Eros saw something under the tree, it looked like animal or something like that, he slowed down and looked figure closely. Then he noticed it was human or something similar, he walked closer and soon noticed it was Darkness creature, one of the most hated species.

Creature looked pretty young, he had pale, almost white face, long, tapering ears. little horns on its forehead. On its cheeks it had black, strong scales, it had also black hair, on its chest chest it had big, ugly- looking cuts which bleed pretty badly. First Eros thought that he would just leave it there and let it die but then he started to think about what his grandmother had always said to him, all the same whether man or a creature, everybody deserves help. Eros felt bad pinch in his heart and finally he sighed, he got closer the creature. He bowed upon it and tried its pulse, it was still alive, Eros started to tie up males wounds and later he raised it to his arms and started to walk back to his house.


"Oh, Eros how did you... oh dear..." Grandmother said when she saw Eros and the boy.

She stood up and said to Eros that he should put the boy on the bed, Eros put boy nearby bed and grandmother started to heal him, soon she stopped and said that Eros was good boy when he took boy here and not to the city. Eros nodded quietly.

"Did you see anybody near him?" Grandmother asked.

"No, do you know who could have done this?" Eros asked.

"I`m not sure but its safe to say it must have been a very dump person, no sensible human being would attack on darkness creature." Grandmother thought.

"By the way, did you get the purse?" Grandmother asked, Eros cursed a little and started to run back.

Eros ran outside, got the purse from the shop and went outside, rain was pretty bad, Eros decided to go Inn to wait it to end. Eros went to the Inn and sat on the nearby table, he looked peoples that were inside, there was couple of travelers, bums and knight`s soldiers that were pretty drunk. Eros sat there for a moment until he overheard what soldiers were talking about.

"Did you see that scum`s face, it was HILARIOUS!!" one soldier shouted and laughed loudly.

"Yes, it couldn`t even handle five soldiers, what a weaker!!!" another soldier laughed.

"Y`right, cheers!!!" third one cheered and they started to drink.

Did they talk about the boy? How could they dare do something like that to so young person? Okay, Eros hated darkness creatures too but that creature they beat up was only a child! Eros stood up and started to walk out, rain was calmed, Eros started to head home angrily and moment later he was back, grandmother had stopped healing and now boy looked much better.

"Oh you are back, thank you dear." Grandmother said and took the purse and took it to safe place.

"I know now who beat him up." Eros mumbled

"You do?" grandmother asked.

"They were king`s soldiers, I heard when they talked at the Inn." Eros said and grandmother looked pretty angry.

She started to mumble something about the new king and his stupid orders, finally she asked Eros to clean up and pick up some fresh wood for the fire place. Later Eros decided to try to rest, grandmother had gone out to pick up some fresh milk and she would probably be back soon. Eros laid his head on to the sofa when he suddenly heard laughing outside. He sat up and listened for a moment until he went outside to check it up.

"Can`t you stand up old hag?" Eros heard somebody shouting.

Eros started to run towards barn, he saw men laughing and poking at his grandmother, he saw red and attacked and he actually fought pretty well until somebody hit him in the back and he fell. Eros felt how his grandmother knelt over him and started to check if he was okay, one man laughed and asked was Eros really that weak.

"You are no royal soldiers, you are just bunch of drunk fuckers who think its funny to beat up an old lady and a boy, shame on yourself!" 

"What are you implying you old piece of shit? We will teach you how to speak US!" one soldier said and raised his sword but suddenly he fell down.

"Leave or ill tear you fuckers apart." Eros heard dark and pretty scary voice.

He raised his head and saw that boy, he looked like beast, his ears was against his head and fangs in his mouth  were grown. Men helped their friend up and ran away like cowards, boy turned his head to Eros and his grandmother and asked where they all right. Eros and grandmother said that they were fine and suddenly boy fainted, Eros caught him and took him into the house, grandmother came after them.

"What they were doing here?!" Eros mumbled angrily.

"They just came and started to beat me, thankfully they didn`t cause me anything bad so I`m fine, how about you?" grandmother asked and Eros replied his neck just got little hurt.

"Then we should check him up, it must have been pretty life draining." grandmother said and started to check up boy. His wounds were opened again and he looked pretty pale, Eros thought that it was pretty impressive what he had done outside even he was badly wounded.

"Oh... I didn`t noticed this earlier..." grandmother muttered and looked very surprised.

"What is it?" Eros asked.

"This boy isn`t ordinary one, look at his wrist" grandmother said and showed his wrist to Eros. there was black tattoo which had two dragon heads and five white flowers, also there was some weird language and some kind of seal.

"This boy is definitely Astar- Hanor De Midelwall, Devinharl`s region`s king`s son and heir of the throne, no wonder he looked familiar." grandmother said and suddenly Eros felt sick, they had Devinharl`s kings son in their house, what If the king found this out and came to tear apart their little home?

"Don`t worry, our king wouldn`t dare to come here, Astar`s father is a known and powerful character." Grandmother explained.

"So why did they start war..." Eros asked silently, grandmother looked little angry until she said.

"What propaganda they feed to youngsters nowadays? We started the damn war in our greediness, Devinharl`s peoples just had to defend themselves." Grandmother said and Eros sighed.

"Don`t start, I believe what I believe." Grandmother said and Eros walked out, he didn`t want to start fight again.

At the morning

Eros woke up, grandmother had already made the food, Eros walked to the table and started to eat, he looked behind him and saw the boy. He was still asleep, he was still little bit pale but he looked way more better than yesterday, wounds were almost gone, darkness creatures really cured fast. Grandmother walked in, they started to talk and finally they apologized each other about yesterday.

"I didn`t meant to bring up that topic again, it just came in my mind when you mentioned who he is." Eros said, grandmother smiled and nodded.

"I understand."

"So, how is he?" Eros asked finally.

"He is just fine, he even woke up couple of times last night, I think he will be okay in couple days." Grandmother said and drank her milk.

"Eros... why did you helped him even you hate Darkness creatures?" Grandmother suddenly asked.

"Well... I... I mean, I can`t say for sure, to be honest at first I thought to just leave him die but then I remembered what you always say me about helping everybody, and also he looked pretty young and I didn`t want to kill child..." Eros explained and blushed.      

"You did the right thing." Grandmother said and smiled warmly, Eros smiled back.  

Eros went out and went to barn, he started to clean up and take care of the animals, he milked cows and let horse out, later he fed pigs. Eros started to cut hay for animals and then he started took trees out of the forest and cut them down, after that he pulled out some vegetables in order to make some food to them.

"Oh you came already, look who`s awake." grandmother said happily, Eros turned his head towards boy who looked him with his yellow, cat like eyes.

"Hi..." Eros said.

"Hey, nice to meet you, your grandmother already told me much about you, I`m Astar as you probably already know." Boy said and they shook their hands.

"Umm.... How much did she told?" Eros asked, he knew her grandmother sometimes talked way too much.

"ell, let`s say she told me lot about your childhood, I mean lot, but thank you that you saved me, I`m grateful.

Soon they all started to chat, Astar told them how he was attacked by surprise and he had had no change of fighting back. Grandmother asked what business he had at the city and Astar explained that he was going to get some medicine for her sister. Grandmother  asked If it was important to her and he said it was very important to her sister to get it in time. Soon grandmother suggested that Eros could get it for him but Astar said that the place where he was going to get it was on the headless man`s alley on the Old sailor`s twilight, it was herb shop around dark side of the city.

"Well... I wouldn`t let you to go there in that condition but If the medicine is important to your sister... Eros can you go and help him, city is pretty dangerous right now for people like him." grandmother suggested.

At first Eros doubted but finally he decided to help him, he was on bad condition and he didn`t want Devinharl`s king`s wrath on his neck, so he consented. Little bit later they ate and soon after that they started to prepare to go to the city, soon after they left and grandmother said that they should be careful.

They started to walk towards the city, Astar looked little tired but he kept with Eroses speed, soon they was on the gate`s of the city and they started to walk towards to them. Suddenly something seemed to wrap around Astar`s leg and he was pulled in the air, thing wrapped around his body and started to tighten around him, Astar tried to struggle out of it but it got even tighter and finally he fainted.

"Hey, who the hell is responsible for this?" Eros shouted and tried to get Astar down.

"Why do you walk with darkness creature my beloved Eros?" Eros heard familiar sound.

He turned around and saw Marthon, city`s gatekeeper, he was blind but he sensed other people`s auras, he was often out of view but when he sensed bad peoples he came and took them to jail right away. He kept city pretty clean and there was rarely crimes but now Eros just didn`t like his doings.

"Let him down Marthon, he is not doing anything bad." Eros said.

"I can`t let him in, It`s king`s order." Marthon said and turned his almost white eyes on Astar .

"You have to, or does the king want to have a new asshole?" Eros asked, Marthon raised up his eyebrow.

"What do you mean my boy?" Marthon said and looked at Eros.

"He is Astar- Hanor De Midelwall, Devinharl`s king`s son and heir of the throne, so if our king want to mess up with his father even more then go on and take him." Eros said and Marthon looked little nervous

He said to Eros that he shouldn`t lie but Eros said that he didn`t and asked Marthon to look at Astar`s hand. Marthon doubted for a moment until he let Astar down, he released his hands and felt them. Finally he stood up, shivering, he said that Eros should take Astar to the healer and not tell to king that he had let them in.

Marthon opened up Astar`s ties, his wounds had opened up again, this time all open, Eros lifted him up in his arms and Marthon led in to smaller door which took him to safe alley. Eros started to run down the alley to nearest healers place. He kicked on the door few times until tall man opened the door to him, he looked Eros and Astar for a moment until he started to close the door, Eros put his leg between and begged for help.

"We won`t help that kind of sc..." man started.

"WATERSON!!!! WHAT DID I TOLD YOU ABOUT OUR IDEOLOGIES, LET THEM IN AND DON`T FORGET APOLOGIZE!!!!" Eros heard loud woman voice, man almost jumped out of his shoes, he growled for a moment until let them in.

Eros saw his grandmothers old friend who looked man very strictfully, finally he welcomed them in and woman started to examine Astar and then she started to heal up him with magic. Soon after wound were gone and Astar started to woke up, he tried to sit up but woman said that wound would open up again if he moved. Astar fall back on the bed, woman said that they shouldn`t leave until tomorrow because it would be dangerous to him. Eros sat nearby bench and started to sleep.

To be continue...