Here is continue to last episode of taleheart`s tales, here we can keep going on and meet new character, enjoy and remember, I am pretty bad writing English so there is lot of mistakes.

Eros woke up, he looked around the room, it was dark and quiet, Eros turned his head to Astar, he slept peacefully. Eros stood up he felt little lightheaded well whole night, sleeping on hardwood bench wasn`t good for anybody. Eros walked around in the house for a moment until he found that healer lady, he said her good morning and lady turned around, warmly smiling.

"Morning dear Eros, it`s been a while since we met, you have grown up quiet a lot. Your friend looks good, you can leave soon as he wakes up." Woman, named Lilith, said and stood up.

She was very strong looking and beautiful for so old, Lilith looked Eros for a moment until they started to do a little chat, after a while they heard Astar`s voice on the door and they turned around. He stood there, magnificent and very strong- looking, he looked pretty old, about 16-18 years old.

"Morning your highness" Lilith said.

"Lilith, you don`t have to call me like that anymore, call me Astar." Astar said and sat down nearby bench.

"Oh sorry mister Astar" Lilith said.

" Lil... sigh call me then mister if you want, Is it safe out?" Astar continued.

"Yes it is." Lilith said.

They ate great meal and after that Astar and Eros left, they thanked Lilith and others and Lilith hoped good trip for them, they left. Astar put hood over his head and they started to walk on towards dark side, to Dead man`s alley, Astar walked on the shadows whole time, he looked carefully around him and watched always his back. He had covered his face with mask, peoples looked at him little... in revulsion, but they didn`t do anything to him, they just watched.

Finally they were on the Headless man`s alley and this time Eros was the one who had to be careful, he covered his face meanwhile Astar removed his mask and took his hood off. Many peoples started to greet him and Astar looked like he at was home. They started to walk down the alley and Eros looked around him all the time, he had to be careful with his doings because he wasn`t on the side he knew.

Eros looked Astars boots, they were made of some kind of Iron/leather mix up, they were meant for fighting but Astar didn`s seemed to care. They turned around the corner and suddenly Astar put his hand on the knifes hold, Eros got little startled but he just assumed they had got to a little more unknown alleyway to Astar.

"Hey wimp, where you think you are going? Show us your face!" Eros heard voice behind him. Somebody grabbed on his cape and pulled him up, hood well off and Eros saw three guys around him, they looked pretty strong.

"Oooooh, an outsider, who`s permission do you have to come in here?" One who hold Eros asked.

"He has my permission, do you see any problem here?" Astar said loudly.

Boy dropped Eros right on the ground, boy`s backed up and started to run, in panic lie little chickens. Astar helped Eros up and then they continued, Eros was quiet for a moment until he asked, what Astar was, some peoples liked him, some feared him.

"I just happen to have known father, that`s all." Astar said and turned around the corner.

They came at the Old sailor`s Twilight. They stood at the door for a moment until finally Astar knocked and almost two meters high, half orc came and opened the door. Eros looked orc mouth wide open for a while until Astar pulled him in, shop was small but cozy smell in the shop was heady and Eros almost fell on his nose, orc laughed and said that Eros would soon get used to the smell.

" Did you came for your sister`s medicine sir?" orc asked in warm voice and Astar nodded shortly.

"I am working on it, it will be ready soon sir." orc said and walked behind his table.

Orc took couple of bottles, some green liquid, filter and some herbs, Astar sat on the bench in front of the table and started to talk with orc, Eros stood on the door for a moment until Astar ordered him to come to him. Eros sat on the bench too and started to look at the orc, he had green skin and he was pretty muscular. He had middle- brown hair which was short on the side`s and in the middle and back it was longer. Longer hair was on ponytail, orc had wrapped up his sleeves and he had brown apron on him, like blacksmith. Orc also had tattoos on his arms, they were in weird languages and there were also weird pictures, there were also same kind dragon on his arm, like Astar had.

"Are you related somehow?" Eros asked and pointed out dragon on orc`s arm.

Orc looked tattoo for a moment until he started to laugh warmly, finally he stopped and said that they weren`t, after that orc suddenly introduced himself saying that his name was Gerad Van Rafton, De Midelwall`s royal herbalist, then he bowed deeply.

"Oh, okay, I`m sorry, I got little mixed up because of similarity of your tattoos." Eros said, Gerad laughed warmly, Astra looked sour.

"You don`t see the difference in our marks?" Astar asked in dry voice.

"Umm... not quite." Eros admitted.

"Well you see young mister, in my mark there is vines, there is also three little crosses right there. Lord Astar has five flower on his, it`s the mark of the royalty. Everybody in his family has this kind of tattoo, except for his sister who has still very sensitive skin. Oh I`m sorry Lord Astar, did I talk too much?" Gerad asked, Astar looked little less sour.

"No, no it`s fine.," Astar said and smiled warmly. Gerad continued making potion and Eros just sat there, he didn`t dare ask more questions, he didn`t want to get hit by Astar`s knife, it looked pretty sharp.

They were quiet for a moment until Gerad and Astar started to chat, soon they started to talk about war and Devinharl`s situation. Gerad asked about herbfields and forest`s Astar said that situation hasn`t changed, Gerad sighed and looked very sad, Eros felt somehow bad for him. Astar comforted big man saying soon war would be over and they could bring Devinharl back to life, Eros asked quietly what had happened to their fields and forests.

"Something poisoned the ground, nothing wont grow up, we think that king did it." Astar said.

"Why would he?" Eros asked until he realized how stupid his question was. Astar turned around, raising up from his bench. His black hair made shadow upon his face and his fang`s got little longer, Gerad packed up little and Eros  realized he had said something really, really stupid.

" I- I`m sorry it was stupid question from me, of course he would do something as stupid as that..." Eros started, he was stupid.

"Watch your mouth next time Eros." Astar said and looked Eros coldly with his yellow eyes.

"...I will." Eros said and Astar calmed down, he sat back on the bench and after that he was like nothing had happened, he just talked normally with Gerad.

"Do you need anymore antidote against ravenflower?" Gerad asked suddenly and Astar shook his head.

"No I have still some left." Astar said and patted his belt bag. Gerad nodded and said that potion would be ready soon, he went backroom, shop went silent.

"Ravenflower, isn`t that pretty common drug used by robbers?" Eros said quietly and Astar nodded.

"So we have to be careful when we are heading back, in this side of town there is also peoples that hate me." Astar said and rubbed his nose quickly.

"Why didn`t you bring any bodyguards with you?" Eros asked.

"Do you think 16 years old would need a bodyguard?" Astar asked.

"Sixt... I thought you were younger." Eros said surprised.

"Huh, how old you thought I was?" Astar asked.

"12 or 13..." Eros said quietly, Astar suddenly laughed.

"Well that`s a new high, before you everybody thought I was 9 or 10." Astar laughed, he smiled warmly.

"Really, you don`t even look that young." Eros said.

"Yeah, really, may be because I have all of my power right now." Astar thought and then Gerad walked in handing over the medicine. They thanked him and walked out to the alley.

To be continued...