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Eros walked down the road, they had left three days ago and he had not slept very well after they left. Astar seemed very nervous and Eros didn`t understand why. Astar looked around him like something or somebody would attack them anytime soon, it looked funny but Eros knew he should`t laugh.

"Should we rest, I`m really exhausted." Eros said, Astar went silent until he said it probably would be good idea.

They put a camp and Eros fell asleep immediately, he saw a weird dream about his father, at least he thought it was his father, who ran trough battlefield towards a man who just lied there, unmoving. Scene changed suddenly when his father touched the man, he saw himself running down unknown hallway. He felt his heart racing like a maniac and his legs felt like they were burning, somewhere he heard woman screaming and he just kept running towards the voice.

He came to another hallway, he saw a woman lying on the floor in a puddle of blood, lifeless, upon her stood a person who had grey hair and yellow eyes. Person turned to him and smiled, she looked at him with sinister look and just casually turned around wielding a bloody knife in her hands. Eros realized he wasn`t able to move, he just screamed for help while tears running down his face, woman came closer and closer and just laughed.

Next thing Eros saw was that same woman but much older on horseback, woman stared at him, smiling and behind her was pack of horsemen in black armors. Woman leaned her head towards him and just smiled silently, nothing else, he felt terrible fear pounding in his chest. Eros woke up, Astar shook him in order to wake him up.

Eros tried to understand what was going on while Astar started to pull him with him, They started to run trough the forest, Eros heard galloping, he felt same aura when he saw that dream, was that girl and her men chasing them? Eros saw black, big horses running next to them, soon they got surrounded by them, Eros realized that they were trapped.

"Ohohooo, look who we got here, Astar my dear brother." Very low voice said and they looked up seeing the girl, or was she he, he wasn`t sure.

"Hello brother..." Astar said.

"Oh so he is really he and not she..." Eros muttered, man turned to him.

"Yes he is, he is a man." Astar said way too aggressively, Eros saw flames in his brothers eyes.

"You are just like your filthy mother, no respect at all..." Man muttered angrily.

"Why abomination like you deserves any respect, besides I do not knowledge you as my brother anymore Dialogos..." 

Dialogos got even more angry, Astar pulled his knife out and hit one horse with it then he puller Eros by his arm and started to drag him after him. Dialogos ordered his men after them, Eros heard horses running, their breathing, Dilogo`s frustrated shouting, Astar moved at forest like deer, he jumped over the branches, pulled out bushes, Eros just ran after, bumbing on the trees, hurting himself in sticks and branches. Soon they came at the old bridge, knight`s surrounded them, Dialogo`s laughed, he came near them and smiled.

"So, tired yet, I can help with that." Dialogos said calmly, he pulled out his sword and hit it towards Eros, Eros fell down, he felt massive pain on his chest, he wasn`t able move, it was horrible.

"You ugly abomination for a human!" Astar cursed he hit Dialogos horse with his knife.

Horse went crazy, it chuck Dialogos down and hit Astar with its hooves, Astar fell behind, he got dropped over the bridges railing, he fell in to the raging river. Diaologos cursed, he stood up and calmed down his horse, he came nearby Eros and looked him in the eyes smiling, Eros saw how his face got more masculine traits suddenly and he looked way more menacing than before. Dialogos stood up and looked over the railing, finally hi got back to horseback and said that they would be no harm anymore.

Dialogos and his men left, Eros stood up, pain was massive but he couldn`t think it now, he had to save Astar, nobody couldn`t swim in those waves. Eros looked around, he saw some black figure in waves, it was Astar he was unconscious, first Eros thought that he could swim after but when he realized what kind of dead jump it would be, he decided to run next tot he river and look for a better place.

Eros saw Astar`s body stuck between two rocks, he took his shirt off and ran in to the water, he felt blood flowing in to he water, he felt pain growing but he didn`t care, Eros ran at the Astar and  turned him around, he looked lifeless and pale. Eros dragged him on the land, he tried pulse, there was no such a thing, also he didn`t breathe, Eros decided to start resuscitation, Eros tried for a long time until Astar started to cough, he opened his eyes and sat up, he said that Eros breathe smelled like fish. Eros laughed a little bit and fell backwards, Astar looked Eros for a moment until he asked, Was Eros okay. Eros claimed to be okay but soon he realized what he was referring to and look at his chest, wound was deep and pretty bad, Eros felt dizzy and soon he fell unconscious.


First thing Eros saw when he woke up was Milayn`s face and chest, Eros jumped up and hit his head into something, he hold his head and moaned in pain, then he noticed his grandmother who looked pretty angry and worried. Eros tried to explain something, but soon his grandmother came at him and hugged him tightly, she said she was glad that Eros was okay.

"How`s Astar?" Eros asked.

"He is fine, how are you feeling?" Grandmother asked.

"I`m fine, chest pain is gone, how long I`ve been here?" Eros asked.

"Two days, Dialogos really made bad mark, you are going to have a pretty big scar on your chest for the rest of your life." Milayn said.

"Did anybody find out, who was behind it, destroying your business?" Eros asked, Milayn`s face changed, she looked furious.

"It was that foolish king... he had ordered Dialogos to destroy my business, I heard it from my servant." Milayn said in anger.

"well... what are you going to do next?" Eros asked.

"I think ill go and beat crap out of that idiot, nothing more." Milayn said.

"Are you sure you can do that?" Eros asked, Milayn nodded.

"His defense is weak right now, I can easily take him down." Milayn said.

"Be careful when you go, that city is our home." Grandmother said.

"Of course madam, I`m not interested in that tiny village, I just want destroy his castle." Milayn promised and smiled creepily.

Milayn left, grandmother looked after her for a moment until she turned around to Eros. Eros looked her grandmother closely, she had better hair than before, her face looked better too, she had beautiful dress on her and for a moment Eros just watched her. Grandmother looked at Eros and asked what he was looking at, Eros said that grandmother looked beautiful, grandmother blushed.

"well... thanks, Milayn showed me few tricks, she is a very nice lady." Grandmother said.

Eros stood up, he hugged his grandmother and then he asked, where Astar was, grandmother told him and Eros started to go there with help of servants. Soon he came to Astars room, he turned around, smiled and waved shortly, he looked little bit sad, on his shoulder was a hawk.

"It`s my father`s hawk, he wonders where I am, my sister needs her medicine soon." Astar said.

"Well..so you`re leaving.." Eros said.

"yeah, wanna come?" Astar asked.

"I- I thought..." Eros started.

"that I would leave you? If you want to stay then it`s okay."  Astar said.

"N- no I don`t." Eros said.

"Well, we leave leave tomorrow." Astar said, Eros nodded, Hawk flew away.

To be continued