Eros was finally on his feet, he felt like he could just die there, in that place, his legs were weak as hell and whole body just screamed at his brains, still, he was glad he was alive. Astar seemed to think same way, he was actually pretty damn happy that he was okay. 

Soon after Eros got up they started to plan ho they would get him back home, Eros also told Hanor what scrads had told to him. Hanor thanked Eros for telling and said that he should come with them, Astar didn`t seem very happy about his father`s decision and after they had talked and Hanor left Astar sighed and sat down, he seemed to listen for a moment his father leaving until Eros asked what was so worrying about his father going with them.

"I don`t want to hear him and his sister fighting again." Astar said.

"Why not, I thought you hate your aunt`" Eros asked.

"Well... I do but not that much, they just always end up fighting a lot and... I just don`t like it."

"Why can`t you tell your father about this? He seems to be a nice guy." Eros suggested, Astar laughed a little.

"He SEEMS to be but... My father isn`t the nicest guy around his sister." Astar said and looked afraid, Eros decided to shut the hell up.

Finally afternoon came, Hanor allowed Eros to send a hawk to his grandmother in order to tell her that he was coming back. Few hours later he received a message back where his grandmother told him that she was waiting, telling that they had a new home now near a nice little village away from the city. She explained that some people had connected them to Milayn and now they feared that some people would try to hurt Eros and her.

Eros put the letter away and looked out of the window far over the rooftops and trees, new home huh? Would it be hard time finding new friends? Oh wait all of his friends were at the war, some of them were dead already and some of them sent letter few times per week so...

"Why you are not at war?" Eros suddenly heard a voice, he turned around and saw Mary- Ann who looked him at the door.

"Me? I, well I got away because of my grandmother, she talked my way trough the problem." Eros said fearing that girl would just think he was a traitor, Mary- Ann just smiled.

"I can read your thoughts sorry I didn´t mention that but yeah, it`s from my mom. But anyway, I won`t think anything like that about you, It`s just good that there is no more men to kill ours." Mary- Ann said smiling.

Eros looked at her, Mary- Ann just watched until she asked when they were leaving, Eros explained that they left when he felt so. Mary- Ann nodded saying that it would be nice to get out of the castle for a while, Eros looked at her and was about to ask something stupid realizing that he would be just a bigot cunt if he would have said that.

"I know I am a woman and I know what they say about me but the truth is, I am way more powerful and skillfull than my brother but my father is just way too protective." Mary- Ann said, damn it, Eros thought, maybe he should learn to keep his thoughts to himself.

"Nah, it`s okay, I have heard worse, besides, you are nice guy lil man." Mary- Ann said.

"I have a name you know." Eros said.

"I know but you are just too short and cute." Mary- Ann said, pinched his cheek and left.

Eros looked after her until he smiled, he decided to go to sleep. After couple of days they decided that it was time to go, Eros just decided to look from distance while others prepared for the trip, he just didn`t have anything to do. Finally they were ready, when trying to jump on horseback Eros noticed Mary- Ann who talked with her father, they looked very demanding on each other but finally Hanor seemed to give up, they prepared a horse for her too while Mary- Ann got her sword.

Finally they left, Eros felt very, very embarrassed because it was so huge crowd just because he had to get safely home (okay Hanor seemed to also want to slap his sister across the face) but anyways. They rode down the road for a while until Eros felt something on his back and soon Mary- Ann came to his side smiling. They started to talk and it last a while until suddenly Astar rode to his other side and started to ask all kinds of things, Eros noticed how Mary- Ann`s face turned sour and she rode little further away from then, Astar seemed very pleased about that and soon they were left in awkward silence.

To be continued