First, sorry for my poor English, second, sorry this took so long :) I have had a pretty much going on, sorry about this, but here we are, enjoy if you can :3

Eros had woken up early, he put fresh clothes on him and watched deep, red scar on his chest, he still felt pain, but it wasn`t so bad. Eros turned around and walked out the door, he went to downstairs and greeted Astar who raised his hand gently and greeted back, he then turned his head to boy who just sat on the floor and drew on papers.

"Did she make you her babysitter?" Eros asked, Astar laughed a little bit.

"It seems so." Astar said.

"He is cute boy I have to say." Eros said and looked boy who now stared at him and looked pretty vexed, Astar smiled.

"Yeah, he is." Astar said, boy stood up and walked away, they both laughed a little bit.

"Well, I have to say goodbye to my grandmother, I`ll come after you." Eros said and Astar nodded quietly.

Eros looked around for a moment until he found his grandmother. They talked for a moment and finally they hugged gently each other, grandmother required Eros to be safe and watch over Astar, then they separated and Eros went to Astar, who looked him for a moment until he started to walk and Eros went after him.

"So your aunt left..."


"Is she a woman of her word?"

"She won`t destroy your village, I`m sure of it." Astar said.

"Well it`s more like a city but... what ever, where we are heading now?"

"In my homeland, don`t you remember? I have to take medicine to my sister." Astar asked, Eros nodded embarrassed, Astar smiled a little bit.

They went outside, two Milays men stand there and offered them a horses. Astar took brown one and Eros took black one, they thanked and men nodded. They started to move to the east, It was awkward silence for a moment until Astar started to chat. They talked for a moment until Eros turned the conversation into Astar`s brother, Dialogos

"Why he is like that? Your brother I mean?" He asked.

"He is always been like that, he is insane, nothing more." Astar mumbled and looked very irritated.

"You referred him as ugly abomination, why?" Eros asked silently, Astars face got emotionless.

"Because he is one, he killed my mother and was born all together... He also started the war." Astar said, Eros felt very uncomfortable.

"He started it? I thought..."

"That my father started it?? No, he never could do such a thing." Astar said.

"Why didn`t your father told everybody that your brother started the war?"

"He... he is just too kind, he should have killed him but, he just kept him alive and finally banished him..." Astar explained.

"Well, while you opened my mental wounds, it`s your turn to tell me why do you live with your grandmother?" Astar said, Eros felt sick.

"My parents died at the war when I was younger, mother was brutally slaughtered by some idiots and father died on the battlefield, grandmother took me to her after that..." Eros mumbled.

Astar nodded and they ride a long time without a word, finally they put up a camp and started to eat and wash up themselves. Eros went to sleep and Astar stayed on the fire patrol. He looked at the flames and thought about everything, his sister, father, aunt... his brother. 

Astar felt angry, he wanted to kill his brother and end this war, he wanted to see his dead body on his feet, he wanted to spill his blood and end everything. Astar woke up from his thoughts, what he was thinking? He sounded just like his brother, he wouldn`t be any better than him if he would kill him, no he would just give him the easy way out.

Astar turned his head to Eros, he slept quietly and peacefully. He just looked so innocent, Astar smiled, he was happy that he had met him. Eros was very delightful, brave and trustful person. Astar thought he was lucky when he met him at the first place. Astar smiled and decided to go to sleep too, he put magic on fire and went to sleep under the tree.


Eros was running down the hill, he heard noises of hooves and pretty evil kind of laughing, then he felt pain in his chest growing and it was hard to breathe. He screamed for help but nothing came out of his mouth, he tried again and again until something came out, he screamed as loud as he could.

Eros jumped up and felt his chest, pain pounded on his chest and he felt horrible. He was sweaty all way up and he was feeling feverish. Astar had woke up on his screaming and asked what was wrong? Eros said that he was okay, just had a bad dream, Astar nodded and continued his sleeping. Eros couldn`t sleep anymore so he went on fire and looked at it.

He felt horrible, he had almost died couple days ago and now he was wandering in woods, going on the battlefield that was between enemy and them and he was going with enemy`s royal son! Eros shook his head, what he was thinking? He had saved Astar and Astar had saved him, they were friends, not enemies, how he could even think something like that?

Eros felt out his scar, it felt soft and spongy, little dank, it reminded him about Astars brother. That girly- looking, little punk, Eros hated him, he was twisted and evil, he knew what he was but still he was unholy creature that just should die. Eros sighed, he had slept poorly, now he thought just so pointless thoughts. He went back to sleep, even not knowing what morning would bring to them.

To be continue...