It`s been long time since I have been making this, well, I`m done with this part :D Well, see you on the next part (Ps. I have been making little changes to later parts of this story, not big but still some small improvements).

"Eros, Eros, EROS GET UP YOU IDIOT!" Eros heard Astar`s voice over his dream and felt kick, he cursed and sat up.

"What?! You could have shook me from shoulder..." Eros cursed.

"You didn`t woke up, I shook you like million times, now, come and start to pack the camp with me, we have a long journey to my homeland, long and extremely dangerous." Astar responded, Eros nodded shortly and started to pack up his things, 

They left just after the sunrise and they rode miles and miles until Astar started to smell smoke, burnt meat and blood. He warned Eros that battlefield could be a quite fierce scene, Eros nodded shortly and clenched his teeth, Astar sighed softly. Eros had probably never seen a battlefield and he was afraid that boy would loose his mind or become insane. Horse stopped, they started to become nervous, Astar tried to get his horse on move but it knew what was on ahead and it didn`t want to continue.

"We will go on foot, these fellas can go home on their own." Astar said and jumped down starting to remove saddle and the bridles.

Eros looked confused for a moment until he nodded and started to strip off the equipment. Later, after Astar had put a massage with horses and send them away, they started to walk towards the battlefield. Short after Eros seemed to smell the smoke too and he started to get nervous.

"Are you all right?"

"Definitely not, s- sorry, this smell just make me really, really nervous." Eros said and smiled nervously, at the same time he hugged himself, shivering.

"I understand, when I saw battlefield first time, I threw up, my father said it was okay, it is pretty horrible scene after all." Astar said, Eros smiled and laughed a little bit.

They saw something trough the woods, it seemed to be catapult, or what was left of it. Leafs were burned out of the trees, round turned muddy, blood smelled strongly, burning leftovers of weaponry could be seen from distance and some ghostly moaning of the dying soldiers echoed trough the woods. This was fresh part of the battlefield, not even a day old, Astar bite his lip, hopefully there wasn`t any enemies left.

Battlefield revealed in front of their eyes, it was muddy, brown- black field with half- eaten, pierced, cut, burned and crushed bodies. Somewhere they could hear some soldiers screaming for their friends for help or mourn for their loss, Eros covered his ears and said he would go in the woods for a moment, Astar nodded.

Moment later Eros returned, wiping his mouth, looking pale and sick. Astar asked If Eros would like to rest a little but he said that he didn`t want to stay in this place any longer than it was necessary, Astar said he understood. They started to walk trough the battlefield, he tried to look down as much as possible and avoided the looks of those who were still alive and begged for help, Astar grit his teeth, hopefully those miserable souls could survive trough the cold night and be saved by their own men or atleast die quickly as possible.

They started to reach the middle of the battlefield, Astar sighed, maybe this point of the fight was so quick they didn`t have time to do any more destruction, well If it was so, they had been lucky. Arrow flew right front of his nose, Astar pushed Eros on the ground and turned around, he saw about ten to twenty humans running right towards them. Astar took out his knife and Eros pulled out his sword, they attacked to men and started to fight against them.

Soon they noticed that they got outnumbered and they had to back up. Some team member laughed and said that they wouldn`t survive this in any ways possible. Astar turned to Eros and asked him to run, Eros said that he wouldn`t leave him but Astar said that he had a backup plan. Eros doubted for a moment until Astar pushed him away and ordered to run.

Eros nodded, he didn`t want to leave Astar by himself but he looked so confident that he trusted his word and ran. Eros crushed down his chasers and suddenly, he heard a massive roar, he turned around and faced huge dragon with black scales and yellow eyes. Men tried to ran away screaming like little children but soon they were eaten or beaten by that dragon.

Eros looked fight with mixed feelings, he felt thrill, fear, sadness and even anger. Soon men where down and after that, dragon collapsed on the battlefield and started to transform, he formed back to Astar and Eros ran at him. He noticed that his clothes were all torn, he had bad looking bruises in his body and he was very exhausted. Eros started to help Astar up when he noticed that one of the men were still alive.

"Wait up, I need a little chat with that guy", Eros said and put Astar on the ground, he was still so dizzy that he just nodded.

Man slipped around the mud, he had some deep wounds in his leg but he didn`t seem to care. Eros lifted the man up from his chest and looked him in the eyes in rage. Man laughed and asked with ironic voice if little man would like to take another round, Eros said that he didn`t have time something like that. 

"Who send you or are you just soldiers that were left behind?" Astar asked and looked at man, man snorted.

"Hah, we are elite soldiers who were send after you, we are not like those crummy shitholes that fight for `freedom and peace`", man laughed and grinned, Eros felt his anger growing.

"Who send you? King?" Eros asked.

"Who else, he wanted vengeance to that snails disgusting aunt because she blew up the whole castle." man said.

"And he decided that the best way to do that is attack on us?" Eros growled.

"How else, when Devinharl`s king hear that his beloved son got killed because his dear sister started to mess around with the king, he starts to fight with her instead and we can attack easier." Man said and Eros suddenly felt sting in his stomach, he pushed man`s hand away in shock and fell to his back.

Man fell to his knees but soon he pushed himself up, laughing and smiling. Eros stood to his knees, wondering how that man could still stand up with those legs when man suddenly answered himself, saying that he wasn`t ordinary person and so didn`t the others. Hand appeared on his throat and pulled him backwards. Eros felt something pinching his back and then he noticed the half eaten man keeping him still, with his one, remaining arm, another man stood up and took his ripped off torso from the ground, it united with his torso via some sticky slime.

"What are you?!" Eros screamed in anger ans tried to squirm out off the hold that kept him still.

"We... heheh... are those who your kind of people fear the most, we are your nightmares, daymares, childhood fears, phobias and things you cry about, we are those monsters who lure under your bed, behind your window, inside shadows and deep in the forests, we are, Scrads." Man said smiling.

"First, I thought you would be scary as hell but nah, your name blew it all up, I mean Scrads, that sounds like some awful disease in arse." Eros sighed, man looked pretty angry, other Scrads started to hiss.

"You filthy creature shall pay for th..." man started when suddenly his head was disconnected from his body.

Man`s body fell down and his head started to express curses, other two men was hit down as well and soon Eros was free. He noticed that Astar had got up, he said that they should probably just run. He grapped Eros by his arm and they started to run over the battlefield, Scrads started to crawl after them. They got in to the forest and Astar fell down to his knees

Eros helped him up and soon noticed that he was in massive pain, his face bathed in sweat and his back was covered in blood, also he had blood coming under his nails and from his eyes. Eros thought first that they should put up a camp and heal the wounds but Astar said no claiming that Deviharl wasn`t long way to ahead.He also said that these wounds couldn`t get healed by any regular herbs or bandages.

"Are you sure, I`m not sure that we ca..."

"We can... we have to... my sister... she needs her medicine and you can`t do... anything about these wounds." Astar said until he collapsed on Eros arms.

Eros decided that he should listen Astar, he lifted him up and started to carry him trough the forest. Soon he found a road and started to walk along it, finding a sing that showed him way. Walking along the road, Eros noticed pain in his stomach and back, maybe wounds he had wasn`t so small as he had first thought. Eros thought first that he should stop but then he saw city`s gates from distance and decided to walk to there.

Pain began growing, Eros noticed that his another leg started to go numb and he had to hobble, pain got even more intense and soon, it started to affect on his vision and balance. He noticed one, lonely gatekeeper and tried to get his attention, first it looked like the man hadn`t noticed him but soon he saw them and started to approach towards them with his spear revealed.

He saw who Eros had with him and soon he dropped his spear and started to help Eros by taking Astar from his hand. Guardian looked at him for a moment until he asked was he okay, Eros didn`t have time to answer, he felt his legs collapsing under his weight and felt hard gravel road hitting him on the face, he heard man shouting for help, then silence, sweet, sweet silence...

To be continued...