Castel started to peek trough forest even more and more, Eros looked others, Mery-Ann smiled silently, Astar mumbled annoyed. Hanor on the other hand seemed to turn even more and more angrier when the castel revealed itself even more. Finally they landed from horseback on castles inneryard, Milyan stood at the top stair of the castle and looked down on them codl and expressionless. Hanor started to walk up the stairs clenching his fists, Milayn stood and waited until she grabbed his brothers hadn wich was raised, ready to slap.

"We can talk this trough like proper adults." Milayn said, Hanor snorted angrily.

"And starting when have you been like one?" Hanor asked.

"Strating then when you came down back to child level, come in and we can talk." Milayn said and they went in.

Eros looked at the door for a while until Astar asked was he going to come in, Eros nodded shortly and started to head towards the door. Soon after they went to the main dining hall and sat down, Milayn didn`t even look at his way or tried anything inaproppriate, she just stared at her brother codly.

"So, why did you came here?" Milayn asked, Hanor sighed deeply.

"Because you attacked on KING you moron! What went trough your mind?!" Hanor shouted, Milayn smirked.

"Business you mudbrain, I live trough it, half of this country lives trough my merchant work." Milayn said calmly, Hanor seemed to get even more angrier.

"Why you still have to attack, you could have talked it trough, now they attack on us even more furiously, can`t you think your home country even once when you do your stupid moves?!" Hanor shouted, Milayn stood up and slapped his brother across the face.

"Keep ypur mouth shut once and sit down, my son is sleeping and I don`t want him to wake up and freak out." Milayn said, Hanor stared his sister for a moment until he sat back down.

"And are you deaf, half of this country lives trough my affairs in this war, including some of your men. I am not cold hearted bitch, I care about htese people, your stupid war puts them in picnch!"

"And you are just flaring up this war!" 

"He put my work in danger, I had to do something to make sure it doesn`t happen any time soon." Milayn said, Eros swore he was abel to see the tension between two siblings.

"Mom?" echoed trough the dining hall, Eros saw Milayns son staring confused at the guests, Milayn sighed.

"Look what you did now, hey honey." Milayn said and walked to his son, lifting up him into her arms.

Milayn ordered them to stay there until she was ready to get him back to sleep, Eros looked around the table, Hanor looked angry but at the same time his face looked somehow different, Astar just kept his eyes locked on the table. Mery-Ann on the other hand seemed to have silent conversation with Raman, Milay`s main servant. Eros noticed how Mery-Ann moved shortly her eyes towards the way where Milayn left and back to Raman who blinked his eyes slowly and smiled. Mery-Ann smiled back and tapped table three times, Raman tapped his side ot the table twice.

"It is lucky for you that he went to sleep so quickly, otherwise I would have had to make you all suffer." Milayn said and sat back.

Conversation between siblings went now more calmly but tension continued, soon tone of their things went to family affairs but quickly changed back to war and what should and should be not done. Finally Milayn shooed them out and they went, on their way out Eros heard Hanor to talk to someone about burning something down. They went out and into horseback and couple hundred meters away Eros started to smell something, soon after that he started to hear Milayns curses and screaming.

"Father, what in the undergods?!" Mery-Ann shouted, Hanor sighed.

"She needs to learn her position darling and I am just making sure of it." 

"Learning someone their position haven`t included usually anything burning if I remember right." Mery-Ann sighed.